Emergency Apparatus, Inc. will warrant any product that it sells, for the original manufacturer’s printed warranty terms and conditions. If the product is a vehicle, we will honor all warranties, including that of the chassis manufacturer. You must notify us of any warranty problem within the stated warranty period and before any repairs are attempted by others.

APPARATUS DOWN SITUATION If the defect in materials or workmanship results in the apparatus being unable to perform its mission, we will respond with our mobile service unit within the times listed below to the location of the apparatus to make emergency repairs to get the apparatus back in service.

0-100 miles from Pittsboro, NC – 4 hours after notification

0-100 miles from Pittsboro, NC – 4 hours after notification

200 - 300 miles from Pittsboro, NC – 8 hours after notification

In the event that we do not have the needed warranty parts in stock, we will expedite parts delivery by the fastest way – next day air, bus, etc. – at no charge to our customer.

We may need some assistance from you, our customer, on the phone so that we can try to determine what exactly is wrong so that we can bring the correct equipment and parts.

APPARATUS NOT DOWN SITUATION If the defect in materials or workmanship does not prevent the apparatus from performing its mission, we will repair the apparatus in your department during the next scheduled mobile service trip to your area. This time will not exceed four (4) weeks after we are notified of the defect. While our mobile service unit is at your station, we will check the apparatus for any other defects and correct them at that time. We will also replace any burned-out bulbs discovered at the time of our visit at no cost to you. Or, you may schedule your apparatus to and from our Service Center.



If the defect is in a commercial chassis furnished through us, we reserve the right to contact the nearest authorized repair facility for that chassis, to schedule the repairs to be performed. Transportation to and from the repair facility or mobile service from that facility will be under the terms and conditions of the chassis manufacturer's warranty policy and procedures. However, we will do everything possible to expedite their work.


Under no circumstances will we tell you to contact the manufacturer(s) yourself to get warranty work performed. We are you single contact for all warranty work.


No other warranties are expressed or implied.


If we determine that the cause of the failure was due to improper maintenance or use, then we will charge you our normal service and mileage rates. Any disputes as to cause of failure shall be resolved through binding arbitration in accordance with the American Arbitration Association rules and regulations.


All wiring work that is performed by us is warranted for two (2) years after delivery of the completed vehicle to the customer.

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