The Pro-Tech 8® Fire Glove Provides firefighters the most versatile performance found in any NFPA 1971 Compliant Structural Firefighting Glove. The Pro-Tech 8 Structural Fire and Extrication glove is quickly growing in popularity as the best glove on the market.

The component materials of Pro-Tech 8 gloves are designed and constructed to withstand the effects of flame, heat, vapor, hazardous liquids, sharp objects and other hazards commonly encountered during structural firefighting operations.

Keep yourself safe by wearing gloves that give you the protection you need as well as the flexibility to operate your radio and other firefighting equipment you use to save lives.

Glove Features

  • Superior dexterity
  • Light weight
  • Improved drying time
  • Cut-resistance
  • Special cuff with full wrap wrist strap for a more secure fit (long cuff style)
  • Certified; meets NFPA 1971 standard

For more information, visit the Pro-Tech 8 Web site.

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